How Yoga Can Help You Lose Weight

Yoga and Weight Loss, Weight Supplements and Healthy Diets

There are many differing ways of doing Yoga, some of which can help you lose weight more than others. The more aerobic-like Power Yoga routines are designed to create body heat and can help you to burn calories and tone up your body simultaneously. However, this may not be advisable for someone who is new to Yoga or is currently out of shape. Since Yoga helps to tone the body, it can also prevent weight gain.


According to the WebMD, in 2005, Alan Kristal, who is both a medical researcher and a practicing yogi conducted a survey with over 15,000 healthy men and women between the ages of 45 and 55. The survey asked them about their physical activities during the day, which included Yoga. It also included other weight loss aspects, such as dieting. In the study, “practicing Yoga” referred to doing at least one 30-minute session a week. The survey found that those who were overweight when they began their Yoga practice lost an average of five pounds while those not practicing Yoga gained an average of almost 15 pounds. When paired with Yoga, taking dr oz forskolin natural supplements can increase natural energy and sends the body’s metabolism into overdrive.

What tends to make Yoga stand out from other forms of exercise is the fact that it focuses on the connectivity between mind and body. Hence, it tends to result in more non-judgmental mindfulness with what is happening within the body as well as other things such as caloric intake. This sort of mind clearance tends to strengthen the susceptibility to changes in the overall lifestyle. Yoga sends the message that it is not the body or mind that is the true enemy. Rather, it is the unconscious negative mind chatter that is.

In Yoga, you also learn to slow and move with your breathe. Here in the U.S., our current state of the rush-rush society, tends to trigger faster breathing and breathing from the chest area rather than the belly. The aim of Yoga is to bring the awareness back to the mind and body and to first slow the breathing down.


If you are considering or have just started to practice Yoga, you want to start out with something slow. If you’re obese or elderly, you probably want to start out with a more modified form, such as Chair Yoga. Chair Yoga involves doing moves while sitting in a chair or using the chair as a prop. Always practice in a room without a mirror as the aim of Yoga is to become aware of what’s going on within. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t initially go far into a pose or hold a pose for the same length of time as the instructor. It takes time to become more flexible than you already are but flexibility is far from the only thing that the practice of Yoga is about. What you can do one day might even differ by the next and you could injure yourself if you strain.